A Look at What Goes Down in the Lab When Making Dental Crowns

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When you are constantly chewing, chomping, and grinding, you need strong teeth to last for a lifetime, but sometimes you need a dental crown to assist your smile. The process might seem a little intimidating but it’s quite simple. When getting a dental crown, an impression is first created of the tooth/teeth area needing crowns and sent to an offsite laboratory. Dr. Bogdan Bodroug and our dental professionals want to give you a closer look at the process of creating a dental crown.


Using the impression, the dental lab will create a mold of the area to be crowned. It will aid in surveying how your teeth line up. The lab technicians will then use this mold to create another impression sustaining the scorching-hot materials making your crown.


Temperatures of up to 2400 °F are used to design the crown’s form, using metal or porcelain to create a molten form that will form easily into the desired shape. The crown is then heated longer to allow curing to take place and is then allowed to cool. The dental lab team breaks open the impression, removing the crown to apply a finishing coat, and is then sent back to our office to be placed in your smile!


Remember when waiting for your dental crown that quality takes time. Talk to your dentist whether you need a dental crown to help sustain your smile. Quality Dental Care is happy to help you with your dental care. So, give us a call today at 360-448-7018 to our clinic here in Vancouver, Washington.