A Loosened Dental Crown Needs Timely Professional Treatment

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Here at Quality Dental Care in Vancouver, Washington, our dentist, Dr. Bogdan Bodroug will sometimes use a dental crown to treat a tooth with a significantly affected tooth enamel layer. This might include a necessary cosmetic restoration, as well as treating a tooth that has been compromised by a bad cavity, or dental fracture.

Once it has been prepared, the dental crown will be cemented onto an anchoring abutment with a special type of dental adhesive. The bond between the dental work and the support structure is intended to restore the affected tooth for many long years to come.

Unfortunately, there are some instances where oral trauma or chronic poor oral hygiene can start to weaken the effective strength of the dental adhesive. If one of your dental crowns feels loose, you need to have it examined by Dr. Bogdan Bodroug as soon as possible.

While waiting to see him, it’s best to avoid wiggling or manipulating the loose dental crown. Excess motion could cause significant damage to the internal abutment and cause severe complications. This includes brushing and flossing the distressed dental crown. by Dr. Bogdan Bodroug and Quality Dental Care’s staff will handle any necessary cleaning treatments during your appointment.

After assessing the severity of the problem, Dr. Bogdan Bodroug will help you understand your treatment options. This might include removing the dental crown and recementing it onto the abutment, replacing it with a new dental crown, or performing a root canal.

If you live in the Vancouver, Washington, area and one of your dental crowns feels loose, you should not delay in calling 360-448-7018 to seek timely treatment from Dr. Bogdan Bodroug.