Are You a Caregiver for an Older Adult?

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If you are a caregiver for someone, you will be responsible for taking care of their oral health. A healthy smile isn’t just good for their mouth but their overall health as well.


Whether the person you are caring for has difficulty physically caring for their teeth and gums, or their memory is impaired and they can’t keep track of brushing and flossing, you may be relied upon to do this for them. They should be encouraged to do what they can to help them feel good, but you will need to make sure they receive quality care.


To care for an older adult’s smile, you may need to know the following:

  •         Using a fluoride toothpaste, you will want to brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes each session.
  •         Remove oral debris between teeth designed for the job using a method that works best.
  •         If they have dentures, rinse them after every meal. Brush them a cleaner daily, and store them in water when overnight.
  •         You can use an oral rinse with no alcohol if the person has a condition called “dry mouth”. It can help to use a humidifier while they sleep, and give them water to sip.
  •         Provide nutritious foods and drinks and limit snacks and drinks with sugar.
  •         Schedule regular dental appointments for cleanings or exams.
  •         If you notice any issues in the mouth, you will want them to be checked out.

If you have any questions or concerns about the dental health of the person you are caring for, please call 360-448-7018 and our Quality Dental Care team will help. If they need to see our dentist, Dr. Bogdan Bodroug they will receive the quality care they deserve in Vancouver, Washington.