Dental Emergency: What You Should Know

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If you have ever been in an emergency situation, you’re probably aware of how stressful they can be. Unfortunately, dental emergencies are just as stressful—but if you understand how to handle an emergency situation, you should be able to handle your emergency more smoothly.

Unfortunately, there are many different emergencies you may have to face. For instance, are you aware that losing a tooth is generally considered an emergency? If you lose a tooth, we recommend storing your tooth in a cup of milk while you’re on your way to our office—but please try not to handle your tooth by the root. If your chip or fractures your tooth, please try to gather as many fragments as you can find. Similarly, we recommend placing these fragments in a cup of milk, or even salt water. Finally, please visit us as soon as possible so we can try to save your tooth.

Losing your filling is another emergency you might have to cope with. Similarly, if a filling or a crown comes loose or falls out, please contact our dental office as soon as possible. You should also contact us if you injure your jaw or jaw bone.

Lastly, please understand that you may need to visit our dentist if you are suffering from a toothache. If your toothache is extremely painful or lasts longer than a few days, please contact us because these symptoms can be indicators of a more serious problem. While you’re waiting to visit us, you could try rinsing your mouth out with a glass of saltwater. Over-the-counter pain medications could also provide you with temporary relief.

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