The Reasons Why Oral Hygiene Is Important

Did you know your dentist, Dr. Bogdan Bodroug, strongly recommends keeping up on oral hygiene? Well, it’s true. This means you should brush every morning and night and floss and rinse daily. Oral hygiene is very important for your oral health and smile. To help you understand why, our dental... Read more »

Are You a Caregiver for an Older Adult?

If you are a caregiver for someone, you will be responsible for taking care of their oral health. A healthy smile isn't just good for their mouth but their overall health as well.   Whether the person you are caring for has difficulty physically caring for their teeth and gums,... Read more »

A Loosened Dental Crown Needs Timely Professional Treatment

Here at Quality Dental Care in Vancouver, Washington, our dentist, Dr. Bogdan Bodroug will sometimes use a dental crown to treat a tooth with a significantly affected tooth enamel layer. This might include a necessary cosmetic restoration, as well as treating a tooth that has been compromised by a bad... Read more »

Diabetes Can Have an Effect on Your Oral Health

If you have diabetes, your risk for mouth infections such as gum disease, dry mouth, and oral thrush are greatly increased. This makes your oral hygiene skills of paramount importance. How are diabetes and gum disease related? Gum disease is a mouth infection which can lead to the deterioration of... Read more »

A Look at What Goes Down in the Lab When Making Dental Crowns

When you are constantly chewing, chomping, and grinding, you need strong teeth to last for a lifetime, but sometimes you need a dental crown to assist your smile. The process might seem a little intimidating but it’s quite simple. When getting a dental crown, an impression is first created of... Read more »

Avoid These Dental Habits

You want to keep your smile bright, healthy, and happy. You know there are things to do to help this happen, like brushing and flossing daily. Did you know that there are some things that you should avoid doing? Dr. Bogdan Bodroug and our team are happy to make you... Read more »

How to Take Care of the Mouth When You’re Stressed

Stress can take a toll on your body. In fact, it can even affect your oral health in more ways than you might realize. When you’re stressed, it can promote bruxism (grinding and clenching your teeth), jaw pain, canker sores, and even gum disease. So, when you’re stressed, it’s important... Read more »