Smile Protection With Chewing Gum

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Even though brushing and flossing your teeth are essential habits that should be employed daily into every oral healthcare routine, they doesn’t have to be your only habits to stave off tooth decay and gum disease. Additional treatments such as chewing sugarless gum and using mouthwash have been noted to produce potential benefits for your smile.

Saliva is a substance our mouth uses to protect our teeth and gums and keep our mouths clean. Not only can saliva rinse away harmful bacteria and plaque buildup, but it also contains substances which can neutralize acids that eat away at our tooth enamel. In addition, excess saliva is helpful in the prevention and treatment of heartburn.

The use of sugarless gum in the creation process for saliva is a helpful treatment if you wish to achieve the results you are looking for with your oral health care. Studies have clearly shown that you can effectively prevent cavities by chewing sugarless gum for up to 20 minutes after eating.

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