Take a Safe Approach When Removing Something Stuck Between Your Teeth

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The spaces between teeth can sometimes be tight. When a hard piece of food, meat fiber, seed, or fruit peel becomes trapped in these minute gaps, it can sometimes cause significant pressure and discomfort.

In these moments it’s important to remain calm while taking a safe approach to remove the item. The last thing you want to do is harm your gums or chip a tooth by acting rashly. Pointed tools like a toothpick make a poor choice for dislodging the item. This could potentially cause further harm.

Sometimes a vigorous rinse with lukewarm saltwater is sufficient for removing a stubbornly stuck piece of food.

Waxed dental floss is often very effective for extricating an offending item that’s stuck between your teeth on in your gumline. The special coating on the dental floss allows the strand to glide easier between teeth to work around the offending item.

If you’re having a hard time inserting the strand of floss behind the stuck food particle, you might want to try using a simple floss threader.

If you are in the Vancouver, Washington, area and you have something stuck between your teeth or lodged in your gumline, and you need help safely removing it, you can call 360-448-7018 to speak to Dr. Bogdan Bodroug or a member of staff at Quality Dental Care.