The Facts About Your Diet and Your Oral Health

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Have you ever wanted to follow a diet because you’re hoping to live a more balanced, healthier lifestyle? Has losing a few pounds been your motivation? Had you heard that following a healthy diet can also help you enjoy good oral health?

In reality, the foods you consume will immediately influence your oral health. When you are eating—regardless of what you decide to eat—bacteria will convert the sugars you eat into acid. As you may have already guessed, this acid will weaken the outer layer of your teeth, which is also known as enamel. If you brush while your enamel is weakened, you ca hurt your teeth. We recommend waiting half an hour before you brush, but if you tend to snack on unhealthy foods throughout your day, your pearly whites could be exposed to these acids on a regular basis. This will leave you more vulnerable to cavities.

Your diet will also impact your oral health over a period of time. As you are probably aware, your diet needs to include plenty of calcium if you’re interested in keeping your pearly whites healthy and strong. An unhealthy diet could also cause bad breath and tooth decay. If you are interested in hearing more about the dental care you can receive from our team, or would like to learn more about how foods may affect your teeth in Vancouver, Washington, please feel free to call Quality Dental Care at 360-448-7018. Our dentist, Dr. Bogdan Bodroug, and our entire team gladly help you devise a smile-friendly diet and inspect your pearly whites. We’re eager to hear from you!