Wisdom Tooth Removal and What to Know

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Most people naturally have a set of third molars that reside deep in the gums due to the evolutionary process. These molars are called wisdom teeth, and they are no longer necessary in the modern age. However, they still tend to emerge in late adolescence. Many people need to have their wisdom teeth removed, and we offer a review of the extraction process below.

Because most people lack sufficient space in their mouths for the wisdom teeth to emerge completely and safely without causing complications, increasing the risk of the wisdom teeth turning or becoming trapped below the gum line.

Common symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth include intense pressure and painful sensations in the gums. It may even result in soreness that affects surrounding jaw muscles. Over time, the pressure caused by impacted teeth can compromise tooth root integrity that anchors the third set of molars.

To prevent complications such as these, our dentist may need to surgically remove wisdom teeth from the gums, which can be achieved in a single outpatient appointment. Typically, he will recommend full sedation during the procedure to ensure your total comfort. Afterward, some sedative effects will linger, and it’s important to have a friend or family member provide a ride home.

Caring for your mouth after tooth extraction includes eating a diet of only soft foods, avoiding using a straw when drinking and ensuring you receive plenty of rest. You may be provided with a prescription to reduce any discomfort, and we will inform you of any other relevant recovery instructions.

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